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by Romain Berger

Soft Cover|84 Pages|29.7×21 cm


Coming from a cinematographic and theatrical background, BERGER has long been fascinated by the visuals, popular culture, stereotypes and the question of gender.


His art is quirky, kitsch, colorful and gently provocative artistic. He claims without complex to be a camp artist, a concept designating, among other things, a form of self-mockery that allows gay men to laugh at the difficulties of their condition in a homophobic society, all with artifice and exaggeration.


This is why, voluntarily, he takes up the clichés of gay culture that he hijacks in order to highlight our world, both in its best and in its worst (loneliness, superficiality, overconsumption, violence, addiction, sex, politics …)


His characters are marginalized, excluded or singled out (gay, women, trans-gender, drag-queen...) who, for the time of a shot, become heroes/fighters. They're trying to get by, they want to be stars.


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Life's a cabaret

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