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Artistic collaborations come in many forms, sometimes between individuals like Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, Jacson Pollack and Lee Krasne, Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray or sometimes within groups, like the Secessionists in Austria, De Stijl in Holland or the French Impressionists.

Fine artists, photographers, animators, architects, filmmakers and writers can choose to vault the boundaries to interaction. Whether driven by mutual admiration or competitive energy, collaborations can unlock unforeseen creative riches, particularly in the case of so-called "emerging" artists, in terms both of sharing materials and exchanging ideas. As a group, it can also prove easier to capture the attention of the press and public.

Which brings us to MenOnPaper Art (MOPA), an embryonic collaborative portal, rooted in one artist's fascination with the subject matter of the male form and his awareness of the opportunities created by the explosive power of the internet and social media.

Here you will find an ever growing array of young talent, varies in the techniques used but united by that same focus on the male form.

We wish you a happy exploration of the work exhibited here, small acorns, as yet, but maybe one day great oaks that will bestride the skyline.

                                                                                                        Kinder Au-Williams

                                                                                                       Founder, MenOnPaper Art

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