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by Jaihang Lin

Soft Cover|124 Pages|21×14.8 cm


This photographic collection shares an adventure beyond Jaihang Lin’s imagination as revealed in his previous work that explored “what happens behind the bedroom door”. The artist now tracks down his models on social media, gaining access to their private lives, and capturing the most intimate moments of these strangers in the night or, for that matter, strangers in the day.


Once the sanctuary of Lin’s youth where this secretive transnational romance blossomed, the bedroom has morphed into a cage that shapes his anxiety about growing up and the social expectations that typify adult life. By capturing his models’ vulnerability, Lin also acknowledges his own insecurity.


To Lin, sexual liaisons with strangers is a temporary escape from reality. Through his lens, “Affairs” becomes the maninfestation of a life desired but inevitably unsatisfied.


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