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Photograph by Soichiro Suizu

Softcover|108 pages|21 x 29.7 cm


ADAM is a photo/graphic journey to consciousness with the male body as subject.


A fetish story where rubber and latex are replaced by denim : Remake Denim.


The purpose of a remake is generally to preserve and extend the life of a loved clothing. Sometimes the result is a slightly adaptation of the original piece, sometimes is a completely new one. A denim with its own history get a new life, enriched by a skilled craftsmanship in creating an higher value unique piece.


Our lives are as well a never-ending process of change and adapting. We cover and repair our physical and emotional scars, we work on our bodies and our minds, reshaping and combining our life experiences and our dreams.


We embellish our bodies, as pieces sewed together. We play with the imperfections and signs of lived experiences to create our original selves.


Sometimes dealing with these imperfections is a playful change. Sometimes is a painful one.


ADAM story is set in Japan, home of the "kintsugi" art. Gold, in kintsugi art, preciously seals broken items giving them a new, higher value.


The gold seal on the body of the object, elevate a scar done by experiencing a unique life.


ADAM is the first man of this new life.


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