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Un Corps : The Body Poet

“The artist known as Un Corps is a poet. But words are no part of his toolkit. Instead, he uses light, shadow and movement to express his love for the beauty of the male body,” said Jiande Au, artistic director of MOPA. “It’s an act of worship.”

Though not formally trained to be a photographer, this Parisian was inspired by an aesthetic instinct and confidence in the endowment of his own physique. Driven to experimentation and following a process of trial and error, he finally managed to create a series of emotionally charged images that he felt happy to share.

The artwork of Un Corps is a series of self-portraits. According to the artist, this is due to a lack of time for the recruitment of models, allied with a very private personality. Perhaps self-portraiture is the best way for this artist to control every aspect of the production of the images, entirely based on his will and imagination. Besides, self-portraiture allows him to add an extra personal touch to the pictures.

From the minimalist approach of the composition and the non-photoshopped images themselves, we easily identify the raw, natural and sensual character of Un Corps. 

“I want to make beautiful images and have a sensual but not provocative emotional exchange with the audience through, simply, my body.” said the artist.

It’s an invitation that we at MOPA found impossible to resist.


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