by Michael R. Williams

Soft Cover|266 Pages|13×20 cm


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Story : 

Man has often recorded his fondness for ‘man’s best friend.’ Here comes a startling role reversal. Robert the Westie, now deceased and reporting from Dog Heaven, shares this memoir of his colourful years on earth. Eccentric medium, astrologer and sometime drag queen, Johnny Veron, provides the psychic hotline.


Opinionated and insightful, Robert pulls no punches in this tale of his life with charismatic gay master, Steve. The story begins in 1998 in Locherbie, Scotland, the place of his birth, and ends in his farewell on a terrace by the Thames in 2000. Expect snapshots of a sometimes lovely, sometimes scary world. Welcome Robert into your life. Have a treat handy.

Robert The Westie : My life, my master's and his boyfriends'.